The Adventures of Bob and Jill
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Hi, Welcome to the new official B&J website.

finally some fan art...soon

Site Updates

3/11/05- Site created??

3/27/05- People still haven't sent in their fan art yet so that page is still really blank. Some stuff has changed but not really.

4/26/05- Added some pictures to the fan art page that I made. Its really lonely there, please send in your fan art. If anyone ever wants to see anything there EMAIL ME YOUR ABJ ART/STRIPS!!! Plus general editting.

5/16/05- one fan art

Bob heart Jill.

by Jenny.

Where to find what!

Much to do with Bob and Jill: Information involving: the newsletter, ABJ events/stuffs, ABJ reviews, etc.

Fan Art and Strips: This is where fan art/strips will go, if you would like to see your art appear here, you must either email it to (<-- if you do have a scanner please just email it us, saving a great deal of time) or give to Jenny in person.

ABJ: Links/descriptions of all ABJ parts that are available online.

Contact Us: How to get in contact with the authors.



Nigel, obviously.

Also by Jenny.

Questions? Comments?

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